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Meet June Pichardo-McBride, M.A. Author & Founder of Path to Scholarships® &

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June Pichardo-McBride, M.A. is the founder and CEO of Outreach Youth Empowerment, LLC, a growing company focused on a dream and a vision for the families and children of this world. She has been traveling throughout the U.S. conducting Path to Scholarships® workshops and trainings.

As an author, founder of Path to Scholarships® and Edudaris®, June Pichardo-McBride has been a professional educator since 1970. Her teaching experience includes public and private schools, and homeschooling, educating students from elementary school to college. She has two undergraduate degrees and a Master of Arts degree. 

June Pichardo-McBride is a first generation Latina from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with family roots from Italy and Spain. June’s entire life since her youth has been one of serving Latino families for now over 50 years through church ministry, the educational arena, and migrant education teaching and counseling under represented and at-risk youth, primarily Latinos parents and students from elementary school through college. 

For the past twenty years June has been working with Migrant Education in Florida and traveling throughout the entire nation spreading the news that there is hope for ALL students to achieve post-secondary education, using Path to Scholarships® as a vehicle to motivate and inspire parents and students to dream great dreams with hope for a better future and empowering them with the tools to reach that dream!

She motivates parents and students to “Dare to Dream Great Dreams” and teaches career and college readiness with scholarship planning that guides ALL students to organize materials to apply successfully to college and for scholarships.

Now bringing you Need College Money™ to connect students worldwide with current scholarships, information, and tips!

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