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Aviation Students Awarded $313,000!

Kent Career Tech Center Aviation Maintenance Technology and Aviation Electronics students win again in 2014-2015! Three students won a total of $70,000 using Path to Scholarships!  

Students won $313,000 in scholarships during 2013-14. These programs immerse students in the operation of the busy Gerald R. Ford International Airport, where the thunder of jet engines and air-whipping helicopter blades become the daily soundtrack. Whether a senior taking a program for one year or a junior taking two years, students explore real-world careers ranging from aeronautical engineering and aviation maintenance, to pilot, air traffic controller and more.


Their classroom is their own 20,000 square-foot hangar complete with a variety of operational aircraft.  This is where students in both programs disassemble, inspect, reassemble and operation check a variety of components, plus learn how to start and operate a turbine engine, start and taxi single engine aircraft, and begin earning professional certifications.


The team of Tech Center Aviation instructors, Todd Olson, Cody Hibma, Dennis Stine and Ebiri Nkugba, provides the Path to Scholarships® Program and Book Series as a tool to help students make college with scholarships a reality. The instructors incorporate it into the curriculum as a means to an end and encourage the students to follow the path. The students are motivated intrinsically to want to follow the path and clearly with $313,000 have found scholarship success in doing so. The program guides the students from global aspirations to solid concrete aspirations with goals and direction. This path enables them to become strong advocates for their future desires and gives them hope and confidence that their dreams can be achieved. Students create accounts on and join the Five-Step Course. Then they work in their Path to Scholarships® Workbooks and their parents are invited and encouraged to participate in the process.

The instructors begin the Path to Scholarships® Program and Book Series with juniors so that by senior year the students’ portfolios are complete and they are ready to begin successfully applying to college and for scholarships. In the 2013-14 school year, five (5) aviation students took full advantage and earned a total of $313,000.

All of the Aviation program instructors are passionate and deeply committed to aviation, teaching, and empowering students. They incorporate the Path to Scholarships® Program and Book Series with Edudaris to empower students with the tools to successfully apply to college and for scholarships to pursue their dreams! The instructors teach students the five steps and provide support, moral encouragement and career and college exploration opportunities.

Kent Career Tech Center collaborates with local businesses, colleges and school districts to empower students with rich and unique experiences to develop leadership. This year two weeks after school was in session, Mr. Olson took his students on a field trip to Kalitta Air where students were introduced to a real-world industry giant to plant the seed of future career possibilities. This trip was followed up two weeks later with a visit to Baker College in Muskegon, Michigan, where students visited everything from the aviation program, to the cafeteria and even apartments. Now the students could see future careers tied to a college education that would make them possible and picture themselves there.

Starting in September, one college a week visited the Tech Center Aviation programs and students. So far this year, students have been visited by: Northwestern Michigan College, Lansing Community College, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Western Michigan University, Baker College, Michigan Institute of Aviation and Technology, Lewis University, and the School of Missionary Aviation Technology.

The programs’ former students return regularly and share their stories of college and aviation pursuits with current students. More than twenty-four former students returned to inspire students last year and already twelve have returned and shared their experiences this academic year. Kent Career Tech Center, with the support of local school districts, is using Path to Scholarships® to make a difference by empowering students with big dreams and the money to pay for them!

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