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Need College Money?

College Scholarship Offers for ALL U.S. and International Students

Major Universities Providing Four Year Full Tuition Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships for U.S. and International Students

Boston University Due: 12/1 20 awards

Middle Tennessee State University Due: 12/1 20 awards

University of British Columbia Due: 12/10

Tulane University Due: 12/15 125 awards

The Carolina Foundation in Spain Opens 2016-17 Scholarships – 540 Available!

Carolina Foundation scholarships 2015-16 open in Spain Application Deadline: March 4 for postgraduate scholarships and entrepreneurships. Due: February 10 for Complutense Summer School

540 scholarships: 304 postgraduate scholarships, 112 doctoral and postdoctoral short stays (including renewals), 29 Brazilian teachers mobility, 50 scholarships Complutense Summer School Scholarship Program 15 Entrepreneurship Studies and 30 Institutional Studies.

Fundación Carolina abierta la convocatoria de becas 2016-2017 en España Plazo de solicitud hasta el 4 de marzo para becas de postgrado y emprendimiento. Hasta el 10 de febrero para Escuela Complutense de Verano
540 becas: 304 becas de postgrado, 112 de doctorado y estancias cortas postdoctorales (incluyendo renovaciones), 29 de movilidad de profesores brasileños, 50 becas de la Escuela Complutense de Verano, 15 becas del Programa de Emprendimiento y 30 de Estudios institucionales.

What are the Different Types of Scholarships?

Locate scholarships to meet your needs!

There are many different types of scholarships. Some are based only on merit (grades and test scores), leadership, community service, financial need, race, family heritage, and many more. A majority of scholarships are based on a combination of two or more of the above, but most scholarships will also require community service.

There are private scholarships, college-based scholarships, state/federal scholarships, merit-based scholarships, faith-based scholarships, athletic and special talents scholarships, and military scholarships. A majority of private scholarships are merit-based on academic achievement. Scholarships are also available for study abroad and international students.

What are Some Academic Qualifiers for Scholarships?
  • Grade point average
  • Class rank
  • Test scores
  • Early college acceptance
  • Dual credit college enrollment
  • High school attended
  • Year in school
  • Credits earned
  • College attending
  • College major


What are Some Non-Academic Qualifiers for Scholarships?
  • Leadership
  • Community service
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Gender
  • Member in an organization
  • Location of residence
  • Religious affiliation
  • Hobbies and interests
  • Medical condition
  • Disability
  • Parent’s workplace
  • Ethnicity and/or country of birth
  • Socio-economic status
  • First generation
  • Marital status/dependents
What are Merit-Based Scholarships?
Merit-based scholarships are based solely on academic and personal achievements without regard to financial need. Applying early to the colleges of your choice (August and/or September of your senior year) could greatly improve your odds of receiving a merit-based scholarship. Usually these deadlines are early and the scholarships are limited and awarded on a competitive basis. Students with strong academic records should apply as soon as possible.

Germany Seeks to Raise Presence of Mexican Students in Their Classrooms

Germany seeks to raise presence of Mexican students in their classrooms. When meeting with executives of the University of Monterrey (UDEM), the diplomat said, in a cooperative effort between Mexico and Germany, there is a process of implementing a Mexican model of “dual training “for its part, the Vice Chancellor of the UDEM, Fernando Mata Carrasco said the private institution, in percent, is the most students sent abroad to promote the internationalization of its students. During the previous year, he said, UDEM sent 50 students to Germany and had received 14 students from that European country.


Busca Alemania elevar presencia de estudiantes mexicanos en sus aulas. Al reunirse con directivos de la Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), el diplomático aseguró que, en un esfuerzo de cooperación entre México y Alemania, existe un proceso de implementación de un modelo mexicano de “formación dual” Por su parte, el vicerrector de la UDEM, Fernando Mata Carrasco manifestó que la institución privada, en porcentaje, es la que más alumnos envía al extranjero para impulsar la internacionalización de sus estudiantes. Durante el año anterior, señaló, la UDEM envió a 50 estudiantes a Alemania y recibió a 14 alumnos de ese país europeo.

International Scholarships Here!

International students are eligible for scholarship opportunities to study in their home country, in other countries, or in the United States of America.  International students will need to follow the proper procedures to apply to the post-secondary college/university of their choice and for the required student visa.

Many of the colleges/universities offering the scholarships are assisting the qualified students with the student visa process. The college and scholarship process for an international student is the same as any other student; to first build a strong foundation with the Five Steps in order to complete and organize everything to successfully apply to college and for scholarships. International student scholarship opportunities are listed below.  

 What are you waiting for? Your opportunities are available now!

“Nothing is possible or will happen, if you do not try. I will rather fail trying, than never take a risk and live my life with the question, WHAT IF?” – June Pichardo-McBride

Welcome International

U.S. & International Students – How to Win Scholarships!

  1. Each scholarship has a different application and requirements. Click on each application link, review the eligibility requirements, and complete the application, if you qualify. Use the FREE Path to Scholarships e-Book as a guide
  2. Create a FREE account on, which matches you to scholarships and join the Five Step Mini e-Course for High School or College Students to organize everything needed to successfully apply to college and for scholarships.
  3. View the scholarship offers on Facebook and scholarship lists below.

We do not make any promises to you, only offer you the resources and tools to try. The Path to Scholarships® Five-Step Mini e-Course for High School or College Students on will guide you through this process, so you will understand what the colleges and scholarships are requiring of you and how you can easily put it all together.

Edudaris® Works in Three Easy Steps

  1. Create a FREE account on
  2. Update your profile to 100% to automatically be matched to as many OFFERS, as possible, which include scholarships!
  3. Join a FREE Path to Scholarships Five-Step Mini COURSE to learn how to apply successfully to college and for scholarships.

Complete the assignments and submit the forms that are located on the bottom of each lesson. When you submit the assignment it sends the document directly to MY FILES, online storage creating your online college and scholarship portfolio.

Below is a list of scholarships and universities to which you can apply. However, it is not about the lists. We strongly encourage you to join and participate in a FREE Path to Scholarships® Mini e-Course that will teach you the college and scholarship process and enable you to build the winning career, college, and scholarship portfolio by completing the assignments in order.

Once your have the following documents, you may begin to successfully apply: 

  1. Documented Community Service
  2. Résumé
  3. Scholarship Essay
  4. Recommendation Letters
  5. Copies of Official Transcripts

Major Universities Providing Four Year Full Tuition Undergraduate Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students!

For additional scholarships  Scholarships and Resource List for International High School and College Students

Global Scholarships for Study in Home Country or Abroad

  • Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships for Developing CountriesDue: 4/1 annually Bachelor’s Degree All Fields of Study, Development related favored (health care, social work, education, social justice, computers, engineering, agriculture, and business) $300 – $3,000 tuition and fees, books, room rent and meals
  • OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) ScholarshipDue: 5/1 annually Master’s Degree Up to $50,000 tuition plus living expenses, books and accommodation, insurance, books, relocation grants, and travel costs Field of Study: Any related to development
  • International Education Financial Aid – Scholarships, Insurance, Travel, ESL, and more