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Community Service Ideas for Younger Students to Receive Recognition & Scholarships

Younger students, starting at five years of age, both urban and rural can have a great impact on a community and can receive recognition and scholarship awards. They can participate in classroom and school community service projects and/or projects from home, which can contribute to classroom and/or school community service projects.
Other ideas include:
  • Volunteer at a Special Olympics event –
  • for ages 13-18 new activities regularlyglobe-304586_1280
  • Support active duty U.S. servicemen and women – Operation Gratitude or Operation Troop Support cards, care packages, and letters
  • Serve the elderly: manicures, play games, read, write letters, walk and talk, deliver a meal
  • Protect the environment: recycling campaign (cans, paper, plastic, ink cartridges, phone books,  greeting cards, Christmas trees, etc.) beach cleanups, park cleanups, plant trees, plant a neighborhood garden, (Ask for municipal permission)
  • – Matches your interests to your zip code with available community service projects
  • Children’s Hospital – Visit sick children, make cards/posters, read, play games, collect books/toys to take, host a walk-a-thon/fundraiser to raise awareness of a disease/fight a disease
  • Animals – Clean animal cages at a shelter, take photos to promote animal adoptions, raise a guide dog for the blind, host a walk-a-thon/fundraiser to protect endangered species
  • Story and/or Game Time  – Read and/or play games at clinics, hospitals, homeless shelters, daycares, HeadStart programs, and retirement homes, assisted living care 
  • Arts – Perform for senior centers, shelters, day care programs, local parks, or recreation centers (theatrical skits, musical revues, magic shows, or concerts) Make a movie to show
  • Sports – Volunteer at a YMCA/YWCA, Elks, Kiwanis, Rotary, or Lions Club, city parks, and neighborhood programs to help young athletes
  • Student-Watch Program – Local police department & principal – student patrol against theft and graffiti, educate other students about dealing with strangers, staying safe on the Internet, or avoiding drugs
  • Helping the needy – school campaigns to collect (food, clothing, books, toys, school supplies, eye glasses, toiletries, backpacks, or holiday gifts), sort donations at a local non-profit organization
  • Tutoring and Mentoring Young children – Tutoring and helping with homework, playing games

Educators can get involved (classroom projects and/or after-school programs):

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