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Need College Money?

College Scholarship Offers for ALL U.S. and International Students

Help! How am I Going to Pay for College?

Help! How am I Going to Pay for College? Options Are Available!

Feeling anxious? Are college, financial need, loan decisions, and stress blocking your path? Fall is underway, now is the time to make decisions and apply. National scholarships begin at the end of September.

Keep in mind that a majority of scholarship applications are due before or on March 15th!     

Students can apply for scholarships now and continue applying until they accumulate the amount they need. Students can choose to live at home and attend a local community college or university for a year. 

If a student has received admission to a college, they can request deferral enrollment for up to one year. Contact the college admission office directly.

During that time, students should apply to as many scholarships as possible, so that they may transfer to the college of their choice the following semester or year. Resources: and

Students can apply for loans. Please note that student subsidized loan interest rates doubled on Monday, July 8, 2013 from 3.4 to 6.8 percent! 


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