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Need College Money?

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Leadership and Community Service Make the Difference!


Demonstrating Leadership and Commitment to Community Service Can Make the Difference!

For a student with a lower GPA or one who is unable to demonstrate financial need, there are many scholarships based solely on community service, leadership and/or merit (GPA and/or SAT/ACT score). This is my answer to parents who say, “My child will never receive a scholarship because we make too much money,” or, “My child is not an honor student or a minority.” It is true that many scholarships and federal financial aid packages are need-based: calculated from the student’s and parents’ income from the previous year. That is why I cannot stress enough the importance of finding and applying to the scholarships for which you qualify.
Many students know that their family income will not qualify them for financial need-based scholarships or federal financial aid. They need to begin immediately establishing the foundations (as addressed in the workbook) for the profile that would qualify them for a community service, leadership, faith-based, and/or merit-based scholarship. 

High School Student Leadership: How to Stand Out in Your College Applications 

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