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Scholarship Application Tips

Tip #1 

Apply to local scholarships first! Start with your local high school or college, community centers, churches, organizations, non-profits, foundations, and businesses.

Submit to all local scholarships for which you are eligible, even if you THINK there will be too much competition! Many times students win simply because they were the only one to submit an application.

Tip #2reminder-23771_1280

National scholarships require more preparation and requirements, so give yourself time to apply successfully! Do NOT wait until the week or day before it’s due!

If a national scholarship has a deadline between January-March then START the application NOW! The applications are available NOW for a reason, to give you the time you need to successfully apply. 

Tip #3

Mark your calendar with all the major national scholarship deadlines, to plan your time to adequately prepare your application and all needed documentation. Mark your calendar with all local scholarship deadlines, so you do not miss any opportunities! 

When submitting applications through the mail, give yourself extra time for the applications to arrive on time. Submit applications early or by the deadline; late applications will not be considered. 

Tip #4

Make sure you meet ALL the eligibility requirements BEFORE completing an application. Always type your applications and follow the directions EXACTLY to avoid your application being disqualified.

Tip #5

Include all requested documents (such as community service documentation, résumé, essay, letters of recommendation, and transcript, or any other requested paperwork) with the application and verify that the scholarship application and documents are in the correct order requested by the scholarship committee. Your application should include only the items requested, not more, and not less.

Tip #6

Always send a thank you note to the scholarship committee to thank them for their consideration of your application. A little gratitude can go a long way!

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